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Youth Elevation PROGRAMS

Mentorship, Enrichment & Rite of Passage programs for girls and young women.

Equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their full potential and that no one is disadvantaged, excluded, or dismissed from achieving this potential. Back in 2016, our CEO & Founder analyzed the crippling state of brown girls from historically disenfranchised communities, locally and globally. The lack of resources and priority given to girls in her community, specifically system impacted girls was non-existent.   This is why Timbuk2 Academy developed its youth elevation programs for girls and young women; exclusively.  Our innovative systems provide the support and guidance girls need to elevate and empower their lives. 

Encouraging Girls To Stand in Their Power


We believe in nurturing the powers within; encouraging girls to rely on their innate gifts. As the leading Girl-Servicing Organization in the Trenton area, we go above and beyond to provide our girls an empowering environment where they can fully embrace their identity, amplify their voices and gain the transferrable skills they need to lead their lives.   We further enhance programming by incorporating trauma informed, multi-sensory activities and workshops through the performing arts, entrepreneurship, athletics, fine arts, leadership, activism and real life experiences.  

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Life throws us curveballs, and young people are not exempt.  Unfortunately, high-risk and system impacted girls may experience bias and resistance from providers when seeking services.  

 Thankfully, our highly skilled practitioners,  in conjunction with our exclusive curriculum models support the needs of girls impacted by the system; ensuring she too reaches her highest potential despite challenges and indifferences.

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Every Girl Deserves To Blossom


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