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Hey Girl! Blossoming into Joy

Beautiful Flowers Unfolding

Hey Girl! an 8-10 Month Self Reflective, Transformative Journey Of Preparation, Healing, Joy, Peace, Love and Understanding.

Hey Girl! provides girls ages 4-22 with the skills and tools for total well-being through cultural practices, alternative therapies and holistic teachings.

Hey Girl!  is a haven and safe space for girls to unapologetically embrace their beauty, individuality, femininity, discover their gifts, and express their creativity.


Hey Girl!  awakens the beauty within girls; raising the vibration and consciousness required to strengthen cognitive social, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual development. 


Flowers are trained by highly skilled professional women and men.

We address and dissect critical themes of female identity development, personal values, principles, boundaries, and health to name a few.

 Each Flower has her own JoyPlan, of which she is accountable for fertilizing throughout her journey.

A Floral Bunch Of Sisterhood

Girls are grouped by age and/or current level of maturity and development.


Ages 4-8



Ages 9-11


Ages 12-15


Ages 16-22

Unique In May Ways

Individual Planning & Mentorship

Academic Monitoring & Behavior Modification

Continued Support Beyond Graduation

I.G.R.O.W. and 365/Bloom Models For System Impacted Girls

Make The Investment

$3000 worth spending


Tuition covers all costs associated with program participation.


A $300 deposit is due at the time of enrollment.


Parents and caregivers have several payment plans to choose from.


Most girls receive financial aid and/or have sponsors to cover program fees. 

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