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The Flower Pot Podcast is LIVE!

Welcome to "The Flower Pot," the blossoming podcast brought to you by the vibrant minds at Timbuk2 Academy! In the launching series of this podcast, the Timbuk2 Academy Ambassadors take center stage to discuss a kaleidoscope of topics, shining a spotlight on issues often overlooked in society. As these young voices take root and grow, they aim to spark conversations that encourage the community to pay closer attention to the needs and perspectives of girls.

Join us as we delve into a garden of diverse subjects, from empowerment and education to social justice and personal growth. Each episode promises to ignite your curiosity and nurture your thoughts, just like a budding flower preparing to bloom.

Listen to Episode 1 FENCES: The blossoming Timbuk2 Academy Ambassadors are embarking on a groundbreaking journey aimed at transforming conversations around the serious topic of suicide.


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