Our History

Timbuk2 Academy was founded by Jamilah Abdul-Raheem and her husband, Umar Abdul-Raheem. The academy opened its doors to the community in 1982 and was one of the only African-Centered learning centers in Trenton, NJ. Despite being in a heavy crime and drug populated area, the school was dominantly successful. The integrity, academic excellence and quality of education the children received, attracted families from the inner city and suburban areas. Timbuktu Academy was very victorious and was awarded constantly throughout by various organizations.

After a decade of working with youth through the channel of law enforcement, Ayana witnessed firsthand the demanding need for high quality childcare, and youth programming.  Ayana Abdul-Raheem, daughter of the founders decided to return to her true passion of education and re-opened the Academy under its new name of Timbuk2 Academy; “2” indicating that it is a second-generation school.  Timbuk2 Academy provides educational, enrichment and support services to youth ages 3-18.  Standing firm on the principles and foundation set forth, The Timbuk2 experience, equips its students with the necessary knowledge, skills and discipline required to advance towards their next level of education and beyond.  Our passionate team of experienced educators, advocates, social workers, and child psychologists are on board to ensure that our students and families receive the supports and services required to avoid the gaps affecting a child’s development and learning experience. 



Some Memories


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