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Having a purpose in life is one of the fundamental factors of happiness. Without it, you’ll live your life less focused, less efficient and you’ll often feel restless and stressed because you don’t feel aligned with the things you do.  Unfortunately, factors such as race, culture, family and gender influence how we view ourselves, the way we think, and understand what our purpose is.
CLIQUE! supports girls in dissecting and gaining clarity on their life purpose, passions and careers through girl- driven research, activities and authentic discussions. 

Through Our Lens


Who:  High School Girls & Young Adult Women Ages 14 -22


What: Girls "clique-up" weekly to reflect, strategize and lead activities, topics centered around, race, community, culture, identity and equity.


Girls strategize and identify key issues related to how these factors affect/influence their lives individually and as a collective.

Girls train in Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)

Girls present their findings to the University, Community and Schools.


Girls work is published in peer reviewed journals.

Where: Timbuk2 Academy & Remote

When: Meeting bi/monthly 


* Stipends Included*

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