Hey Girl! is a ten month rite of passage program designed to provide girls with the skills and tools for holistic well-being through developmentally and culturally responsive teachings; strengthening cognitive, social, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual development.

We take our girls through a journey of Joyways, during which time, girls learn and reflect on topics such as love, health, consequences, accountability and respect, along with addressing topics about violence—including dating violence, physical and sexual abuse.

Hey Girl! offers non-judgement gatherings which meets once weekly during school, after school and/or on Saturdays. The weekly in school group sessions, provides behavioral and academic supports and monitoring, positive reinforcements, and strengthens coping skills for healthy relationships.

Despite background, each girl creates her own Joy Plan (JP); covering personal, academic, psychological, behavioral and emotional goals.  The HEY GIRL! team fully understands that our girls may be predisposed to conditions beyond their control, thus we partner with social service, family support and mental health practitioners; ensuring that our girls receive the adequate services to address additional psychological and emotional needs outside of school.

Hey Girl! provides increased supervision in the community by conducting home and employment visits on a case by case basis.




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