?Poor self-value in children can lead to emotional and mental issues. Depression can stem from feeling as though you are not good enough. In some cases, youth who cannot overcome their feelings of hopelessness and low self-worth resort to suicide.?

Why born WORTHY ?

?born WORTHY? is a campaign founded in 2013 by Ayana Abdul-Raheem, the Founder and CEO of Timbuk2 Academy and T2A Youth Empowerment Programs (T2AYEP). The mission of ?born WORTHY? is to instill a sense of worthiness in children. Throughout her many years of working with youth of various ages, races, backgrounds and socioeconomic status,? one of the most common details shared by the children, is their lack of self-value, self-love, and doubt they have for themselves.? Specifically, a majority of these testimonies were shared by girls.

After listening to the several downhearted stories, countless suicide attempts and wiping tears, Ayana made it a priority to focus on instilling worthiness in children. This quickly evolved into ?born WORTHY?.

Timbuk2 Academy and T2AYEP understands that a child?s sense of worthiness shapes their existence, the relationships they have with themselves and others AND is critical to their social, academic and personal? development. All of our youth and education curriculums teach worthiness.

Worthiness is an important journey to a child and to us all!

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Proceeds benefit education

T2A Youth Empowerment Programs

“Research suggests that positive male involvement correlates with higher levels of sociability, self-confidence, self-value and self-control in children.”

“It is extremely critical for our children to understand how worthy, valuable and deserving they are. These teachings must began in the womb and continue throughout all stages of development.” Ayana Abdul-Raheem, CEO, Timbuk2 Academy

“Low self-worth can also be very emotionally painful. When children don’t value themselves, the misery can feel intense, pervasive, and inescapable.”

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WORTHY – adj: of commendable excellence or merit; deserving






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